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Latest update : 05.07.2007
Notified certification body for assessment of medical devices: brief history of LNE G-MED
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Brief history


Medical equipment test laboratory group GLEM is formed.


Medical device assessment body G-MED is set up as an economic interest grouping (GIE). The four G-MED partners are the French Ministries of Health and the French Ministry of Industry, the Laboratoire Central des Industries Electriques (LCIE) and LNE.


G-MED restructures with LCIE and LNE as its two sole partners.


LNE/G-MED opens a regional office in Saint-Etienne.


All G-MED activities performed by LCIE are transferred to LNE.


The economic interest grouping is dissolved and LNE becomes the sole certification body and notified body. The G-MED name and logo are retained.

The G-MED North America subsidiary is set up in Washington DC.

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