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Latest update : 21.12.2016
Visual LNE/G-MED legal status
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Legal status

Le LNE was set up in 1901 to meet industrial testing and measurement needs. In 1978 it was attached to the French Ministry of Industry and became a public company with industrial and commercial status . Its spheres of activity were widened and its functions extended to cover certification. Today LNE employs over 800 people.

With LNE/G-MED, LNE has become France’s key certification body in the medical field. LNE/G-MED, as Notified Body and accredited certification organization, must maintain its impartiality. In this framework, it shall not carry out any consulting activities which by their nature could compromise LNE/G-MED’s impartiality.

For more information about LNE’s activities in this field, consult LNE website.

LNE/G-MED is accredited or recognized by the ANSM, the French accreditation committee (COFRAC), by American Food and Drug Administration (FDA)...

For more information, see the section LNE/G-MED recognition and accreditation.

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